How to Choose the Perfect Quiz Template for My Needs?

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Are you looking to create an engaging quiz experience but unsure which template is best for you? Look no further, as this guide is tailored to meet your needs. Let's explore the templates together, and you'll find dedicated guides for each of them:


Quiz Demo - Points's main purpose is to tally the number of correct answers given throughout the experience. If your goal is to track the user's response count, then it is the perfect choice for you.

National Donut Day is designed to offer suggestions based on user responses, it guides users to an ideal solution. If you want to provide personalized recommendations, this is the right quiz to choose.

The structure of Quiz Demo - Points and National Donut Day is identical; therefore, if you wish to achieve a recommendation experience with visual feedback, as we will see in the assets related paragraph, you can attain it by utilizing Quiz Demo - Points and modifying its assets (and vice versa).

Christmas Quiz has the unique feature of allowing users to retake the test until they get all the answers right; it is an ideal option if you aim to inform and educate your audience.


A crucial aspect to consider when choosing the right quiz template for you is the assets used in each:

Quiz Demo - Points utilizes empty boxes that can be easily replaced with two textures. The quiz's special visual feedback capability changes the box color once a question is answered. Replacing the text inside the boxes is simple using Canva, as suggested in the dedicated guide.

National Donut Day employs a single box for both questions and answers. While it doesn't offer visual feedback based on answers like the previous template, constructing the box may be slightly more complex. However, managing scenes becomes easier with a single box for all interactions.

Christmas Quiz also uses a single box, but in this case, the text won't be incorporated into the box image. Instead, it will be editable through text elements directly in the builder. Once you create the desired graphics for the boxes, it's straightforward to replace the text. Similar to the National Donut Day, it won't feature graphical color changes in the boxes based on answers.


Quiz Demo - Points tree structure

Comparing the three templates, you'll notice that Christmas Quiz has significantly fewer scenes compared to the other two experiences. This is because the first two require a complex tree structure, which, though manageable, increases scene management complexity. Therefore, Christmas Quiz is more straightforward and immediate to set up, while the other two templates may present greater challenges.

National Donut Day structure

This covers everything you need to know about using quiz templates. Now, all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs and start creating the perfect quiz experience for you! Happy designing!

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