How Can I Set My “Quiz Demo - Points” Template?

How to Set Up “Quiz Demo - Points” Template

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If you're interested in creating an engaging quiz experience using the "Quiz Demo - Points" template, you've come to the right place. Quiz experiences are known to be engaging but can be complex to set up correctly. Let's analyze the template together.

The template is structured with three questions, each with two possible answers. If the answer is correct, once the user has answered the question by tilting the head, the color of the box will change to green; if it's incorrect, it will turn red. You will then move on to the next scene until you reach the final scene, in which a result will be displayed based on the number of correct answers given.

As you can see from the image, the number of scenes is greater than the number of questions in the test. This is because the test follows a tree-like structure (we will analyze this structure in more detail later), which takes into account the answers given and accurately calculates the number of correct and incorrect responses in the final scene of the experience.

Now let's analyze the scene assets and how to set them up correctly. We'll start with the boxes. Each scene contains 3D model boxes that can be customized by replacing their respective textures (here the guide to modify textures).

Insert the correct text for each box and, in scenes where feedback is necessary, change the texture to one having the appropriate color, green for correct answers, red for incorrect answers. To simplify this process, you can use this canva template, which already has the correct dimensions to fit inside your campaign's boxes.

Now let's guide you through the scenes:

Introductory Scene

Let's start button

By clicking on this button, users can start the quiz. The button is interactive and will transition to the next scene where the first question of the quiz begins (see image 1). Through the "Show" and "Hide" interactions, it will be possible to make the button appear only once the user's face is detected.

Frame Demo Quiz - Points

This element adds a frame to the scene. Refer to this guide to learn how to configure the frame of a campaign.

Box intro

This is our first box. There are no specific interactions for this box, but you can modify its texture using the mentioned template.

Quiz Scenes

We have now reached the first actual quiz scenes. Just like in the subsequent scenes (2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d), you will find one audio file and three boxes: one box_question and two box_answer.


The audio is used to provide sound feedback when the user answers correctly (we'll discuss this further in the interactions).


These boxes serve as containers for the scene's questions. Simply change their texture to modify the displayed question.


Managing box_answer is more complex. Each box contains two textures: the first one modifies the visible text for the answer, while the second one changes the feedback color after the answer is given. These textures are also available in the canva template.


Each box_answer has three interactions within it as shown in the image below.


If the answer is correct, this interaction will trigger the previously mentioned audio.


This interaction modifies the box's texture, transitioning from the answer text to the feedback color for correct/incorrect responses.

*next scene name* (Go-to-scene interaction)

This interaction allows you to move to the corresponding next scene based on the given answer. Make sure to set Delay=1 (or higher) to allow the Event interaction to complete the animation.

Sequence of Scenes

The most challenging part of creating a quiz experience is managing the number and order of scenes. However, it becomes easy to understand when you think about the tree-like structure shown in the following image.

By analyzing this structure, it will be straightforward to understand how the passages are structured. After each answer, you will move to a specific scene. In this way, in the final scenes that display the results, the correct result will be shown based on the path followed by the given answers.

That's all you need to know about the "Quiz Demo - Points" template. Now you can create your personalized quiz!

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