How to Replace the Texture in Ready-to-Use 3D Models?

How to Replace the Texture in Ready to Use 3D Models

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At Aryel we're making it possible for anyone to create and share their own Augmented Reality experiences and share them via a simple URL.

In order to create an awesome AR experience a 3D asset is required and we noticed that few of the users don't have a 3D model that can be used readily.

And hence we provide ready-to-use 3D models. These ready-to-use 3D models can only be used within our platform and you may not be able to download them. But, you have the possibility to customize the textures of these ready-to-use 3D models to suit your needs.

What is texture in a 3D model?

In simple words - Textures are images that are applied to the 3D object's faces, e.g. to give color to the surface.

In other words - A texture is a bitmap image, usually in the form of a JPG or PNG, that produces detailed and complex characteristics. This image is projected onto the three-dimensional space of your 3D model. So rather than simply being a two-dimensional image, it gives the appearance of texture to an object, much like in real life.

How to edit texture in Aryel's ready-to-use 3D models?

In the campaign editor, when you drop a 3D asset to your scene, you will have the option to choose the 'Ready-to-use' section as shown in the image below:

👉 When you click on the Ready-to-use section you will find several models that you can use within your campaign.

👉 The ones that have the possibility to replace the texture with a custom one, are identified by the 'texture icon' (see icon in the bottom left corner of the cards in the image above).

👉 Once you select the model and place it in the scene - in the 'media' tab a 'texture' section appears.

👉 In this texture section, you will have the possibility to replace and download the texture currently in use.

💡 Our suggestion to get the optimal result while replacing the texture is:

👉 Download the existing texture first and then use it as input to create a new one.

👉 Exactly overlay the new elements (e.g. your logo) with the ones contained in the original texture. This can easily be done using an image editing tool such as Photoshop or Canva.

👉 Once the new image is ready, use the replace button to replace the original texture by uploading the new one as shown below.

🛑 Please NOTE:

A single ready-to-use 3D model (for example a gift box with your logo on it) can be used in multiple campaigns.

So, when you replace a texture of a Ready-to-use 3D model in your current campaign - there is a possibility to keep these changes only to this campaign or on all your campaigns.

Hence, a popup will appear asking this question:

👉 If you want the texture change to reflect in all your campaigns that have the same Ready-to-use 3D model - then please click on Continue.

👉 On the other hand, if you want the changes only in your current campaign - then please click on Create a Copy and proceed with it.

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