How Can I Set My “Christmas Quiz” Template?

How to Set Up “Christmas Quiz” Template

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If you are interested in creating an engaging quiz using the "Christmas Quiz" template, you are in the right place. Quiz experiences are known to be engaging, but they can be complex to set up correctly. Let's analyze the template together.

The template is structured with five questions, each with two possible answers, one correct and one incorrect. By selecting the incorrect answer, users will be directed to the penultimate scene, which will inform them of the mistake and give them the option to start over. By answering all the questions correctly, users will reach the final scene with a congratulatory message.

Now, let's analyze the scene assets and how to set them up correctly. Each scene contains a box with an image displaying the question and the two possible answers.

To modify the text, you simply need to edit the text assets to change the questions and answers. If you want to change the image with the boxes, you will need to create a new one. For creating images for the quiz easily, especially if you lack image creation and editing skills, you can use Canva, a simple and free but powerful tool.

You can use this link to download the template's assets.

Now, we'll guide you through the scenes.

Scene Number 1 - Introduction

"Start" Button

By clicking on this button, users can start the quiz. The button is interactive and will transition to the next scene where the quiz begins (see image). Through the "Show" and "Hide" interactions, the button will only appear once the user's face is detected.


This element adds a frame to the scene that we will include in each scene. Refer to this guide to learn how to configure the frame of a campaign.

Intro Box and Text

This is our first box with text placed in front. There are no specific interactions for this box, and it is included to introduce the user to the experience.

Scene Number 2 to 6 - Quiz Scenes

We are now in the actual quiz scenes. Just like in the subsequent scenes, you will find a box containing the question and the two possible answers.


As previously explained, this is the frame that will be present in every scene of the experience.

Question Panel

These boxes serve as containers for the questions and answers of the scene. You can download it using this link, and use it as the blueprint to create your own.

Text assets

These are the elements that go in front of the question_panel boxes and represent the quiz questions and answers.


Each text for the answers has an interaction within it, as shown in the following image.

This interaction allows you to move to the corresponding next scene based on the given answer after tilting the head.

Attention! Interactions must not be modified unless you consciously intend to alter the quiz structure.

Scene Number 7 and 8 - "Wrong Answer" and "Congratulations"

In the last two scenes, there will be a box with feedback: "Wrong answer" if the user has answered incorrectly or "Congratulations" if they have answered all correctly.

There will also be a button with three interactions:

- "Show" and "Hide" interactions to show the button only once the user's face is recognized.

- "Restart" interaction in the scene with the wrong answer to return to the beginning of the quiz, or "Learn more" interaction in the congratulatory scene to redirect to an external link.

That's all you need to know about the "Christmas Quiz" template. Now you can create your personalized quiz!

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