How to Create a Marker Campaign?

Duplicating an Old Marker Campaign

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Marker campaign type is deprecated as of Feb 2023.

If you're an "old user" (a user who signed up before Jan 30, 2023) of the Aryel platform you may still have some marker campaigns in your account.

Nevertheless, if for some reason you would like to create new Marker-based campaigns, here's how you can create it even if it is no longer available.

Option 1: Duplicate a previously created marker campaign

The first option is to duplicate one of your previously created marker campaigns and update the content inside. This will allow you to create a new marker campaign that is similar to an existing one, while also making it easy to update the content.

To duplicate a marker campaign:

  • Go to the campaign that you want to duplicate.

  • Click on the "Duplicate" button located inside the 3 dots icon.

  • Update the new campaign with new assets or different settings.

Option 2: Use an Image-Triggered Campaign

Another option is to use an image-triggered campaign as a replacement for a marker campaign.

To create an image-triggered campaign choose between the type of experiences below. You can read the article related to each experience to understand how these work:

Interactive Print

Product Visualization

Quizzes & Surveys



Treasure Hunt

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