How Can I Insert Variables in My Campaigns?

Discover How to Insert Variables into Your Campaigns

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Variables are a powerful tool to simplify many interactions on the platform, allowing users to condense several steps into a few. Previously, you would have had to create numerous scenes or variations which were not feasible.

To get started, you need to introduce variables within the experience. Once done, you can reference or modify them in any scene.

To create a variable, simply click the "Variables" button located at the bottom left corner of the builder.

From there, you can click on "Let’s start now" to initiate the creation of your first variable.

In this area, you'll find the following options:

  • Name: Represents the variable's name. Always enclose the name in curly braces. To reference it within scenes, always use the variable name surrounded by its associated curly braces.

  • Type: Specifies the kind of variable you wish to create. Variables can be of three types:

    • Text: This variable can hold any keyboard character.

    • Numeric: This variable can contain numbers.

    • Boolean: This variable can hold either "true" or "false" values.

  • Starting Value: Here, you can set the variable's initial state. Depending on the type selected, you can choose words or character strings for 'text', a starting number for 'numeric', or a "true" or "false" state for 'boolean'.

  • Actions: Under this section, there are two buttons:

    • Accept as queryParam: By activating this, the variable can be inserted into the URL string. Read this article to learn more.

    • Delete: This allows you to delete the variable.

  • Create variable: This enables the creation of a new variable.

Note: Always remember to save after creating or modifying variables!

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