How Can I Customize AR Experiences Using queryParam?

Personalize Your Experience Using queryParams on Aryel

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This article will guide you through the world of queryParams to understand how they work on Aryel. Let's begin!

QueryParams are a powerful tool that allows you to further customize interactions on the platform, offering a fast and direct method to personalize the experience for your user.

To get started, you need to activate the queryParam feature within the platform. To activate a queryParam, simply open the "Variables" tab, add a variable to your campaign and click on the button located at the end of the string "Accept as a queryParam".

By activating this option, it will be possible to insert the parameter into the URL string. The queryParam will be inserted in the URL string by adding at the end of the URL a question mark (?), the name of the variable you want to populate (in this case: name), an equal sign (=), and finally the value you want to be attributed to the variable.

Here's a (clickable!) example:

Link without queryParam:

Link with queryParam:

If no value is attributed to the variable (as in the first example above), the Starting Value set in the Variable Menu will be shown.

In case you are wondering how to insert the variable in a text element in the platform, just insert it within curly brackets as shown.

After setting up your queryParams, you can combine their use with other external tools like forms. For instance, a form creation tool could help you gather information from users and then use the queryParam to direct them to customized URLs, as you can gather from this example.

Always remember that queryParams are flexible and can be used with many platforms and tools, so your creativity is the only limit!

That's it! You're now ready to explore and create with queryParams on Aryel!

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