How to Embed 3D & Webar Campaigns on Your Website with Aryel

Learn More about How to Embed 3D & Webar Campaigns on Your Website with Aryel

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Aryel Embed is the new system to quickly integrate campaigns placed on a surface on your website with template previews, campaign links, and customizations.

👉 Please notice that this feature is available for Enterprise Ecommerce plans only.

To install the script, you need to insert a script in the <head> of the webpages where you want to insert the shortcode. More precisely, insert the shortcode in the <body> where you want to show the 3d model.

👉 Get shortcode and customize settings ⌨️

Once you have published your campaign, you will see “Get Shortcode” icon from the top-right corner of the page.

It's also possible to take the codes after clicking on the "Get Link" button next to the "Get Shortcode" icon and copying them from the "Ecommerce Product Page" section.

Clicking on "Edit properties" from the "Get Link" interface or clicking on the "Get shortcode" button, you will have the possibility to manage some settings about it.

• Disable all gestures

• Enable/disable move

• Enable/disable rotate

• Enable/disable scale

• Enable/disable gesture suggestion

• Enable/disable auto-rotate (when enabled you can define the desired speed to complete a full orbit)

By default the 4 main gestures (move/rotate/scale/gesture suggestion) will be enabled.

You can disable them all in one click by using the 'disable all gestures' button or disable just 1 or 2 by using the relevant checkbox.

In addition, you will be able to define Loader settings & Button settings.

For changing the loader color of the embed viewer please input the hex code in the field.

With Button settings, you will be able to Enable the link to your AR Experience with a custom text and to Enable back to website. If this last feature is enabled, when your users close the AR visualization, they will be redirected to the page they were in before accessing the AR content.

All changes made will be reflected in real-time into the script and HTML tags fields underneath.

👉Copy scripts 💾

Open the modal; here, it will be possible to retrieve the 2 snippets to insert in your site's <head> and <body>.

💡 Please notice: If no API Key has been generated, it will be possible to generate it from the account management page (discover more about it here). Each account can have only one API Key.

💡The API Key can be revoked at any time from your account control panel. In case it is revoked, all points where the Script tag was added must be updated.

👉 Paste the scripts in your pages 🖥

Here’s how the 2 snippets should be inserted.


PS: With Aryel embed, you can also customize Properties and Illumination of the 3D model; to discover how to do so, take a look at our guide here.

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