How to Create and Revoke an API Key on Aryel

Managing API Keys

Written by AryelLast update 5 months ago

The API key is the tool that allows access to platform integration features such as embedding viewers on external platforms, i.e. e-commerce.

The API key can be created and revoked from the account management page.

How to create an API key on Aryel

The API keys can be created from the account page and it is available only on our Enterprise plan.

👉 Please notice you can only have one API key per account.

To create an API key, go to the bottom of the account page. If you don't have an API key yet, you can generate a new one by clicking on Create key.

The API keys will be automatically integrated into functions where they are expected to be used such as the embed viewer.

How to revoke an API key on Aryel

An API key can always be revoked from the account page by clicking on the trash bin icon on the specific API key. Once revoked, the integration linked to that API key will stop working.

It will be necessary to create a new one and insert it in the sections of the old revoked API key.

👉 If you think a functionality has been used improperly, you can revoke the linked API key to stop the functioning.

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