What Data Does Aryel Provide about My Audience?

Reports & KPIs

Written by AryelLast update 27 days ago

Aryel provides reports & KPIs, information about goals and conversions, and gives the opportunity to export these data.

Specifically, these are the metrics you can get insights about:

  • Users: each visitor is initially referred to as a user, whereby a distinction is made between new users and returning visitors. In addition, each user who visits the AR experience also generates a view.

  • Views: the single view a user performs while interacting with your AR experience.

  • Avg. View Duration: how long visitors have stayed on average on an individual experience.

  • % New Views: percentage of new views on the scene.

  • Time of Day: what time of the day do users interact with your campaign.

  • Browsers: from which browsers users see the campaign.

  • Scenes Views: the total number of scenes displayed.

  • Scenes/View: the average number of scenes displayed per view.

  • Avg. Scene Duration: the average duration of time spent on a single scene.

  • Goal Completion: the total number of times users complete a specific action (conversion).

  • Goal Value: the total monetary value relative to the completed conversions.

  • Goal Conversion Rate: the percentage of completion of a goal in relation to the total number of times the user has been subjected to it.

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