What Happens If I Exceed the Limit of My Views?

All the Information Regarding Surpassing the Amount of Views Views of the Plan

Written by AryelLast update 5 months ago

A view is a request for accessing an AR scene via the generated campaign URL.

Each plan comes with a certain amount of views per month included.

During the month, we’ll count the views generated from your campaigns. If you exceed the limit included in your plan, you will auto-purchase the additional views. If you don’t want to buy extra views, you should stop the campaigns and archive them.

If you are a Partner or have an Enterprise plan, and require more views than currently included in your account, you can talk to our sales team and add a brand kit to your subscription, including a custom domain and a package of extra views. The amount of views included can be defined during the contractual phase, depending on your needs, and will be applied to any following month.

Please note:

👉 Views generated from your Aryel account in draft mode are not counted.

👉 The views aren’t cumulative in different months. The counter is reset every month.

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