How Can I Change My Plan?

Choosing the Right Plan For You

Written by AryelLast update 2 months ago

You can change your plan at any time by getting in touch with our team.

  • Click your profile name and choose Plans & Billing from the secondary menu.

  • Click on Change Your Plan. You'll be redirected to a page listing the available plans. Choose the one you like and use the 'Talk to sales' button to be redirected to a form that will allow you to be contacted from our sales team.
    Please note, if you decide to change your plan before the expiration of your current plan, you can save the unused amount on the new subscription.
    For example, if you have a monthly plan and get an upgrade in the middle of the month, you’ll pay half of the higher plan price, minus the amount you already paid. Instead, if you come from a monthly and would change in annual, you’ll pay the amount of the annual plan minus the one you already paid.

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