How to Use Your CRM Data within Aryel to Create a More Personalized Campaign?

How to Create More Personalized Campaigns Using CRM Data

Written by AryelLast update 5 months ago

You can use your CRM data within Aryel for your Nurturing & Retention campaigns. This provides a great way to engage your audience with differentiated content and at the same time achieve your marketing goals.

Several studies have shown that GenZ audiences prefer personalized engaging content which they can share on Social media. And in particular, this 2022 report by Hubspot demonstrates that 77% of marketers agree that Interactive content such as polls, games, and augmented reality is the most effective type of content to use in Social media for achieving their marketing goals.

How does it work?

With CRM systems (like Hubspot, Salesforce, etc), it is possible to extract data & attributes for each user based on a specific rule or triggered event. Aryel's system allows you to bring these dynamic fields from your CRM which offers end users a unique and hyper-personalized augmented reality (AR) experience on the web.

Example AR Experiences & Use-cases

Using Aryel and your CRM data, you can create engrossing end-users experiences that can help your business achieve its marketing goals.

To learn more about Aryel's capabilities in this aspect please reach out to us via this contact form or via the chat functionality on our website.

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