How to Combine Aryel CRM with Salesforce to Deliver Hyper-Personalized AR Experiences

Integrating Aryel CRM with Salesforce for Enhanced AR Personalized Experiences Delivery

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Are you seeking ways to make your Aryel campaigns feel even more personalized for your audience? Look no further! With Aryel’s query parameter capabilities, you can easily customize each campaign according to individual user data from your email marketing platform. This powerful method ensures that every recipient feels uniquely catered to, and it can significantly boost engagement rates.

Let's dive right in.

Part 1: Setting Up Your Aryel Campaign

Creating a Variable on Aryel:

  • Begin by logging into your Aryel dashboard. Navigate to the campaign where you'd like to introduce personalization.

  • Create a new variable or choose an existing one by opening the Variables Settings

  • Label your variable appropriately. For this guide, we'll use "name" as our variable name.

  • Enable "Accept as queryParam":

Enabling “Accept as queryParam” is crucial because it allows Aryel to receive and interpret the variable from an external source, like your email marketing platform.

  • For good measure, insert a neutral Starting Value so that if the variable is not specified, the campaign still makes sense.

  • Insert Variable in Your Campaign:

Within your campaign’s design, find the text field where you’d like the personalization to appear. To insert the variable, simply use curly brackets and the variable name, like so: “Happy Birthday {name}”. 

When your campaign is live, Aryel will replace {name} with the actual name of the recipient, as received from the email marketing platform.

Part 2: Integrating With Your Email Marketing Platform

  • Prepare Your Aryel Campaign Link:

Start with the base link to your Aryel campaign, e.g., "".

  • Append the Query Parameter:

Add the query parameter to the end of the link. For our example, since the name of our variable is name, the end will look like: “?name=”.

  • Include the Field from Your Email Marketing Tool:

Now, add the unique field syntax that your email marketing tool uses to signify user data. Salesforce uses as a personalization string the formula %%firstname_%% or %%firstname%%.

Therefore, the final link to be inserted in the email would look something like: "".

  • Embed in Your Email:

Copy the final link and insert it into the body of your email or as a clickable button or image. When recipients click the link, they'll be taken to a personalized Aryel campaign that greets them by name.

Following the same principle, and using our “Happy Birthday” template we created this form for you to try!

Happy Birthday Template

In summary, integrating Aryel’s query parameter capabilities with your email marketing platform is a breeze. This seamless customization can significantly improve user experience and engagement with your immersive campaigns.

All it takes is a few simple steps to set up on Aryel, followed by integration with your email platform. Make every campaign feel tailored just for the recipient – because with Aryel, it can be!

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