How to Combine Aryel CRM with Paperform

Create Interactive and Engaging Experiences for Your Audience While Maintaining the Reporting Capabilities Offered by Paperform.

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In this article, we'll guide you through the process of converting a multiple-choice quiz from Paperform into an AR quiz controlled by facial gestures.

Part 1: Setting Up Your Aryel Campaign

The first step is to create your survey or quiz on Aryel. You can either use one of our templates and customize it or start from scratch to design it according to your preferences.
Next, you'll need to create the variables for each question in your quiz. Here's how:

  • Access the 'Variables' settings.

  • Create variables using the 'Create variable' button. Ensure to fill in all the required fields, including Name (in curly brackets), Type (select 'text'), and Starting value (can be 'null' or a blank space).

  • Once the variables are set up, you'll need to assign values to them based on the user's answers. Create interactions for each answer that set the corresponding variable to the answer value. For this example, the interaction will have the following values:

    • Starting event: tilt head left/right

    • Result of interaction: set variable Qx = the letter you associate to that specific answer. In this example, we will set our Qx variable to A in case of left answer, B in case of right-hand answer.
      (Qx is the name of the variable you are using, in this example: Q1, Q2, etc..)

  • Finally, set up the submission of answers by adding a 'go to link' interaction on the final question's answers. The link should be a slightly revised form link with variables from Aryel replacing Paperform's field using query parameters.

What do we mean by "a slightly revised form link"? Keep on reading to find out!

How to Auto-populate Form Fields with a Query String in Paperform

First, you need to find the pre-fill key of the Paperform field you want to use to store the answer. To find a question's pre-fill key, enter the question's configuration by selecting the gear icon to the right of a question in the editor (we're talking about Paperform platform here). Once the configuration is open, scroll to the bottom and find the section that indicates the pre-fill key (right below, there is a place for you to enter a custom pre-fill key).

Now it's time to craft your dynamically pre-populated link:

  • Start with the URL of the Paperform survey, in our example:

  • Add a question mark (?) to the end of the page URL.

  • Add the internal name of the question, followed by an equal sign and then the corresponding variable from Aryel within brackets { }

In our example, the pre-fill keys of the Paperform questions we created are survey1, survey2, etc... while Aryel's variables are named q1,q2, etc...

So, the resulting link looks something like this:{q1}&survey2={q2}&survey3={q3}&survey4={q4}&survey5={q5}

Let the creativity flow and enjoy transforming your surveys into captivating AR quizzes with Aryel!

Kindly be aware that Paperform doesn't support automatic submission upon completing the AR experience. However, if you're aiming for this feature (and are open to forgoing certain user data collection, such as email addresses), Google Forms can be used instead. Follow these instructions to set it up!

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