Is There Any Vocabulary I Need to Know before Getting Started?

Key Terms for Your AR Journey Using Aryel

Written by AryelLast update 4 months ago

Here are some terms to help you get acquainted:

  • WebAR: An augmented reality experience that can be accessed using a mobile browser and a simple URL link, without the need for an intermediary application. WebAR minimizes the friction that a consumer may experience when trying to view AR content.

  • View: The single view a user performs while interacting with your AR experience. If a workspace's engagement allowance (as per its plan) is exceeded, it is automatically enrolled onto a CPV (Cost per Views) overage schedule. A single user can open several views; therefore, the number of users can never be greater than the number of sessions.

  • CTA: The action you want your target to do after seeing your marketing campaign. Usually, the CTA (Call To Action) gives clear information on what to do next, such as shopping now, visiting the website, and discovering more.

  • Trigger: Triggers are images or locations (in geolocation experiences) which activate an AR experience.

  • Overlay: It is the digital content displayed on top, immersed in the user context.

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