I Need Further Help, How Can I Contact Your Customer Service?

How to Reach Out to Customer Service

Written by AryelLast update 4 months ago

If you checked our Help Center but couldn't find an answer to your question, you can send a message to our customer service to get tailored support.

To do so, either write your query to support@aryel.io or use a chat function which you will see in the bottom right corner of our Aryel website & Aryel Platform.

When you get in touch with us, make sure:

  • The title is clear and explains what you need. For example: "Account: I need help to update my credit card."

  • You've clearly defined the issue

  • You've included your username

  • You've attached screenshots, if possible and/or relevant

We usually answer your questions asap, and if you follow these simple suggestions, we can be even faster in helping you!

Also, make sure you've checked our list of FAQs and shared resources; we did our best to include all you could need while using Aryel.

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