Why Can’t I Upload 3D Models Larger than 40 MB?

Optimizing AR Asset Sizes

Written by AryelLast update 5 months ago

Aryel has established a size limit of 40 MB for uploadable assets to ensure a smooth user experience and optimal performance. This technical limit has been set to ensure that the AR experience loads quickly and functions properly.

It is important to note that if there are multiple assets within the same scene, it is recommended to keep their sizes well below the limit.

Loading overly heavy assets can lead to excessively long loading times or even cause the experience to malfunction.

Therefore, reducing the size of assets is an effective solution to avoid these issues and ensure a seamless user experience. By reducing the file size of your assets, you can minimize the amount of data that needs to be transferred, resulting in faster loading and smoother interactions.

This is particularly important for mobile devices with limited data plans or slower internet connections.

After reducing the asset sizes, it is essential to thoroughly test your experiences to verify that everything is functioning correctly.

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