Where Are The Asset Actions Gone?

Discover How the Assets List UI Has Changed

Written by AryelLast update 3 months ago

You may have noticed a change in the user interface of the builder, particularly within the scene assets' list. It was getting a bit cluttered, prompting our designers to undertake some tidying up! But fret not! All the actions are still accessible; they just sport a revamped user experience.

To access these actions, simply hover over the list items, and they will reveal themselves.

Once revealed, you can utilize them just as you always have.

The "explore" button has been replaced by a simple click on the asset name. So, to delve into the asset properties, all you need to do is click on its name.

💡 Quick tip: To unlock a locked item, you can either click on the relevant action icon or double-click on the item itself!

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