What Are Some Common Mistakes People Do in 3D Files?

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Uploading 3D Files to the Aryel Platform

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At Aryel, we want to help you make sure that you can use our platform in the best way possible. To do this, it is important to understand the specifications of the 3D files that are uploaded to the Aryel Platform. Listed below are some of the common mistakes our users/customers make with their 3D files.

1. File Format & Texture Images

The 3D models must be uploaded as a .gltf & .glb file. These are the main file format for 3D models, and any other format (like .obj, .dae, etc) is not supported.
In case you want to upload the .gltf file with non-embed textures, you can also upload it as a .zip file. Beware that it's important that the texture images within the .zip file follow the same path as per the 3D model design.

A few people also make the mistake of uploading 3D files in different formats within a .zip file. Please make sure it is not the case when you upload them.

2. Origin Point

The origin point of the file should be placed at the floor level in the middle of the cartesian axes. If not, then the model will not be placed properly on the surface level in surface campaign types. To fix this issue with the help of Blender, please import the 3D model into Blender, from edit mode select one or more faces at the bottom of the object press Shift+S and set the 3D cursor to selection. Then tab back to object mode, right click and set the origin to 3D cursor.

3. Dimensions

The dimensions of your 3D model should not exceed 10 meters. Anything larger than this may not display properly in the AR experience or take up too much loading time.

4. Spacing in File Name

Always, the file name should not contain any spaces. If you are uploading a file with a name that already contains spaces, please rename it before uploading it to Aryel (renaming it within Aryel's platform likely won't address the issue).

In general, these are the key factors to look for when uploading a 3D file to the Aryel Platform. By following these guidelines, you not only maximize the quality of your 3D file, but also ensure that your 3D model is displayed as intended with its correct dimensions, origin point and other features.

If you have any further questions about troubleshooting these issues, please reach out to our support team via WebChat or email (support@aryel.io) for assistance.

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