Is There a Way to Generate a Screenshot Within the Experience?

Learn How to Enable the Screenshot Functionality

Written by AryelLast update 21 days ago

Activating the screenshot functionality for your campaign is really easy with Aryel. Depending on your needs, there are two different methods to achieve this:

1.  Enable the Screen Capture Feature from General Settings

Navigate to the general campaign settings, specifically within the 'Actions' section. Here, you can activate additional actions, including 'Screenshot'. Once you've chosen the desired option, remember to save the changes made to the settings.

From this point forward, your audience will see, for the whole experience, a button on their screen to capture a screenshot of the experience.

2.  Add 'Take Screenshot' Result of Interaction

If you prefer the screenshot to be taken at a specific moment or in response to a user's action, consider this alternative method. Within the Aryel platform, you'll find options to customize settings for assets in the scene, located on the right-hand side of the screen.

Begin by accessing the 'Interactions' section, where you can select the preferred starting event from the available options. Then, click on 'Result of interaction' to find the 'Take screenshot' option among the choices provided.

Using this method eliminates the need to insert a button, allowing users to trigger the action through various types of starting events, such as scene initialization and others.

Whichever of the two options you decide to use, once the event is triggered, a thumbnail of the captured screenshot will appear, enabling users to save, share or delete the image.

Be aware that this option is not available for campaigns based on 'surface placing'.

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