How Can I Use Conditions?

Introductory Guide on Conditions and Their Usage

Written by AryelLast update 1 month ago

Another critical aspect of maximizing variable functionality is conditions. These ensure interactions occur if certain criteria are met or unmet. Conditions can be used in every type of interaction.

To add a condition, first, introduce an interaction. Next, click on “Add condition” at the bottom right of the interaction panel.

Three fields will then appear:

  • Variable: From the dropdown menu, select the variable to apply a condition to.

  • Operator: This dropdown menu lets you select possible operators like greater than, less than, or equal to. The available operators change based on the chosen variable.

  • Value: Enter the reference value for the selected operator.

For better understanding, the condition string can be read as:

"if {variable} is {operator} compared to {value}, then {interaction}"

Furthermore, multiple conditions can be added to a single interaction. You can decide if the interaction activates when all conditions are met or just some, based on selections made when adding more than the required conditions.

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