How Can I Manage Variables Using Interactions?

Learn How to Use Interactions Related to Variables

Written by AryelLast update 4 months ago

Once the variables are created, you can interact with them through asset interactions within a scene. After choosing a "Starting event", various "Result of interaction" types can be selected.

Interactions involving variables include:

  • Set variable: This allows you to set a previously created variable to a different value.

Edit variable: Modify an existing variable through various operations.

  • Text variable: From the dropdown menu, you can select the following options:

    • Add: Add the characters specified next to the existing variable.

    • Replace: Replaces the existing variable values with those entered in the field.

  • Numeric variable: You can perform basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division on the numeric variable, altering its value accordingly. The value entered in the field will thus be added to, subtracted from, multiplied by, or divided by the initial variable value.

  • Boolean variables cannot be acted upon in "Edit Variable".

Reset variable: Resets the variable to its initial value.

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