How Can I Add Non-latin Characters to My AR Experience?

Learn How to Use Non-latin Characters

Written by AryelLast update 2 months ago

Creating an AR experience and facing challenges with adding non-Latin characters to your text? Look no further! This guide is tailored just for you.

To display non-Latin characters correctly, it's crucial to choose a font specifically designed for the desired language. Aryel provides you with the ability to filter the available fonts by language. It's really easy! Here's a step-by-step guide to help you.

1. Add Text to Your Campaign

Firstly, drag the text asset within your working area. It will appear with a default content.

2. Access Text Content Settings

Select the asset and open the 'Style' section to reveal all the options you can customize in the right-side panel.

3. Define Your Preferences

Open the 'font language' dropdown and select among the items the one you need to use. By doing so the font list will be filtered by this parameter and you can select your favourite option.

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