How Can I Add Non-latin Characters to My AR Experience?

Learn How to Use Non-latin Characters

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Creating an AR experience and facing challenges with adding non-Latin characters to your text? Look no further! This guide is tailored just for you.

To display non-Latin characters correctly, it's crucial to choose a font specifically designed for the desired language. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you verify and select the appropriate fonts from Google Fonts.

1. Identify the Desired Language

Firstly, determine the language you want to use in your AR experience. It could be any language that uses characters beyond the Latin alphabet, such as Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, or Russian, to name a few.

2. Choosing the Font from Google Fonts

Google Fonts offers an extensive library of free fonts for web projects, including AR experiences on Aryel. To check if a font supports your desired non-Latin language, follow these steps:

- Visit the Google Fonts website:

- In the dropdown menu under "Language," select the non-Latin language you wish to use.

- All possible fonts that support that language will now appear, along with a preview of how the text looks in the selected style.

3. Integration into Your AR Experience

Once you've chosen a font that supports your selected non-Latin language, you can easily integrate it into your AR campaign by selecting it in the "Font family" box after clicking on the text you want to modify.

Remember to also choose a variant in the "Font variant" field to make the font change effective.

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