What's the Playback Completion Feature?

Control the Playback Completion Starting Event

Written by AryelLast update 2 months ago

The 'Playback Completion' feature allows you to trigger a new action upon the completion of audio/video playback!

This feature affects all trigger-type campaigns, except 'surface,' and applies to video and audio assets.

Interaction Settings

The playback completion starting event can be managed from the right-side panel within the builder and is included in the list of available starting events, at the bottom of the list.

If the selected video or audio asset has the loop option enabled, 'Playback Completion' cannot be applied. In such cases, the system will automatically disable the loop and display an alert message.

If the selected video or audio asset has the 'Playback Completion' starting event enabled, the loop setting cannot be applied.

With this functionality, you can further enhance your multimedia interactions within your campaign!

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