Viewpoint Presets for Immersive 360 Campaigns

Introducing Viewpoint Presets for Simplified and Intuitive Visualization

Written by AryelLast update 1 month ago

With Aryel, you can use preset Viewpoints to simplify and optimize the display of assets in Immersive 360 campaigns. This feature is designed to make the creation process more intuitive and efficient: let's see how.

What are Viewpoints?

The preset Viewpoints are predefined angles within the Aryel builder that allow users to view assets in the scene more easily. These presets include different perspectives, such as top, bottom, front, rear, and side views, in addition to a default view and one that simulates the user's viewpoint.

How Do They Work?

A dropdown menu (or better, a "dropup menu") will be available at the bottom of the workspace, listing all available viewpoints:

User's View: places the camera in the user's position.

Top View: provides a top-down perspective.

Bottom View: offers a view from below.

Front View: shows the scene from the front.

Back View: displays the scene from the back.

Left View: presents the scene from the left side.

Right View: shows the scene from the right side.

Default View: returns to the currently predefined view.

When a new viewpoint is selected, it is applied in real-time to the workspace. Users will still be able to move and rotate the workspace by interacting with the mouse, changing the viewpoint at any time.

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