Unlocking Augmented Reality Magic: A Guide to 'Show/Hide Assets' in Campaigns

Create Captivating Interactive Experiences and Elevate Your AR Content with Aryel's Show/Hide Feature

Written by AryelLast update 14 days ago

In this tutorial, we'll guide you on how to utilize the "Show/Hide Assets" feature to create captivating interactive experiences within your campaign scenes. This functionality empowers you to dynamically reveal or conceal various visible elements, encompassing a wide array of asset types, including 3D models, videos, images, texts, and buttons. Let's delve into the process.

Commence by accessing the interaction settings via the side panel. Within this interface, you'll encounter the "Show" and "Hide" options nestled amidst the roster of available interactions, as depicted in the accompanying image.

These interactions are highly adaptable and cater to a diverse spectrum of campaign types, spanning from facial recognition and immersive 360-degree experiences to image-based campaigns. Depending on your campaign's nature, the presence of these interactions within the available results list may exhibit variations. Nevertheless, you retain the liberty to designate any visible asset within your scene as the target for the interaction.

You can now harness the full potential of Aryel's "Show/Hide Assets" feature to craft immersive augmented reality experiences. Feel free to experiment with an assortment of interaction scenarios to amplify the impact of your AR content!

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