Can I Add a Link to a Post or Story to Run My Experiences in Social Media Browsers?

While it's possible to add a link to social media posts or stories for running AR experiences, it's important to consider the platform and the browser used by the audience.

Written by AryelLast update 28 days ago

Short Answer: On iOS, you can do it. On Android, you can add the link, but it won't launch in the in-app browser.

Understanding the Situation

When using social media on Android mobile devices, links typically open within the in-app browser provided by platforms like Instagram (IG) or Facebook (FB). However, these in-app browsers are not compatible with AR experiences. To ensure the experiences work correctly, users should access the links using Chrome or Safari browsers.

User Experience Journey

To provide a seamless user experience and avoid the need to copy and paste the links in the working browsers, here's what happens:

  1. Users access social media content from their mobile devices.

  2. They click on the link generated from Aryel included in the content.

  3. Users are automatically redirected to a compatible browser (Chrome or Safari).

  4. Users can enjoy the AR experience without any issues.

  5. After closing the AR experience, users return to the in-app browser, where they receive an alert message explaining the redirection.

Important Note for iOS Users

On iOS devices, there are constraints that prevent surface experiences from opening within in-app browsers. Therefore, iOS users will need to use the browser menu and select the option to launch the experience in an external browser.

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