Can I Add a Link to a Post or Story to Run My Experiences in Social Media Browsers?

While it's Possible to Add a Link to Social Media Posts or Stories for Running AR Experiences, it's Important to Consider the Platform and the Browser Used by the Audience.

Written by AryelLast update 1 month ago

Short Answer: On iOS, you can do it. On Android, you can add the link, but it won't launch in the in-app browser.

Understanding the Situation

When using social media on Android mobile devices, links typically open within the in-app browser provided by platforms like Instagram (IG) or Facebook (FB). However, these in-app browsers are not compatible with AR experiences. To ensure the experiences work correctly, users should access the links using Chrome or Safari browsers.

User Experience Journey

To provide a seamless user experience and avoid the need to copy and paste the links in the working browsers, here's what happens:

  1. Users access social media content from their mobile devices.

  2. They click on the link generated from Aryel included in the content.

  3. Users are automatically redirected to a compatible browser (Chrome or Safari).

  4. Users can enjoy the AR experience without any issues.

  5. After closing the AR experience, users return to the in-app browser, where they receive an alert message explaining the redirection.

Important Note for iOS Users

On iOS devices, there are constraints that prevent surface experiences from opening within in-app browsers. Therefore, iOS users will need to use the browser menu and select the option to launch the experience in an external browser.

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