How to Use the Gizmo Feature in the Aryel Editor?

Learn How to Use the Gizmo

Written by AryelLast update 5 months ago

What is Gizmo Tool?

The Gizmo tool is an advanced feature that allows users to manipulate the position, rotation, and size of assets directly in the scene view.

They can visually modify the scale, position & rotation of the assets as desired. This can be useful for fine-tuning the placement and orientation of assets in a scene with a mouse or trackpad.

How to use this feature?

  1. Open the scene view in one of your campaigns where you want to use the Gizmo tool.

  2. Select the asset for which you want to modify the Scale, Position & Rotation.

  3. In the controls widget, click on one of the three action options to display the relevant version of the Gizmo tool on the selected asset.

  4. The Gizmo tool consists of three different color lines that correspond to the x, y, and z axes:

  • The red line corresponds to the x-axis.

  • The green line corresponds to the y-axis.

  • The blue line corresponds to the z-axis.

5. To move or scale the asset along any of the axes, hover over the point where the axis lines meet and a small square will appear. Click and drag the square to the desired position or scale.

6. To rotate the asset with no axis constraints, use the external yellow circle.

Ps: Note that when editing the asset with the Gizmo tool, there is no need to click the 'save' button in the right-side panel as the changes are automatically saved.

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