How to Use Alpha Channel Videos in Aryel to Build Eye-Popping Campaigns?

Unlocking Transparency with Alpha Channels in Videos

Written by AryelLast update 5 months ago

What is an alpha channel? An alpha channel is an additional channel that defines areas of transparency in the clip. We are used to the red, green, and blue channels in our images/videos. This is an extra one that will determine what parts of the clip are transparent or semi-transparent.

What is the benefit?

By uploading these videos with a flat color background, users (like you) have now the possibility to remove the background from your videos and build eye-catching campaigns.

What are the steps that you need to follow?

  1. Drag & drop the video asset in the scene

  2. In the properties panel on the right side, in the settings section, there is an extra checkbox to remove the background color

  3. When selected, the color picker for screen color definition appears

  4. Define the background color that is in the video that you uploaded

  5. Now click on the Save button to apply all these changes to your video asset

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