How to Set Up and Start Animations on Aryel

Animating 3D Models with Ease

Written by AryelLast update 5 months ago

On the Aryel platform, it is possible to upload 3D models that have animations and set up when users can start it in a snap.

  • Once the campaign is created and the 3D model has been added to the scene, select the model and go to the Interactions tab.

  • Click on 'Add an interaction', and they will appear in the Event settings; depending on your campaign, you can choose different events that trigger the interaction.

  • Choose the starting event (for example, users tap on the 3D asset) and as a result of the event choose Start animation.

💡 If your model contains more than one animation, select the one you want to start in the animation dropdown list - if you want to start all the animations, select 'All'.

  • Finally, choose the delay time, if needed, and save.

You're done! Just keep creating the campaigns adding scenes and assets or simply save and publish it online 🚀

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