How to Set a Custom Privacy Policy in Aryel?

A Privacy Policy That Is Customized to Your Business Requirements

Written by AryelLast update 2 months ago

With Aryel, You will be able to fully customize your launcher & loader pages and even the whole experience itself by adding your brand assets, such as your logo, colors, and so on.

As an extension of that, people who have connected their custom domain to Aryel will have the extra advantage of setting up a custom privacy policy for their campaigns.

End users can read this custom privacy policy by clicking on the link at the bottom of this screen before launching the AR experience.

Now, to set your custom privacy policy, you will have to go to the style settings (by clicking on the palette icon in the bottom left of your campaign editor) and Select your style kit with a custom campaign domain (in the dropdown menu). And then Click Save.

Note 👉 When the campaign domain is (which is the default) then in the Action block, there will not be an option to choose a custom privacy policy URL. Instead, Aryel's default privacy policy will be applied.

Whereas, Once a Custom domain is selected, then in the Action block a new checkbox item called 'Custom privacy policy URL' will appear (as shown in the screenshot below)

Once you click on that checkbox, you will be able to add the desired URL as shown in the screenshot below:

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