How Can I Connect a Custom Domain?

Understanding the Domain Connection Process

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If you own a domain through a third-party service, you can connect it to your Aryel account. This means that you will be able to publish Aryel’s WebAR campaigns on your custom third-level domain. Let’s say your website is "", your WebAR campaigns can be hosted for example on ""

In this article, you'll learn how to connect your custom domain to Aryel.

How it works

To connect your domain to Aryel, you’ll generate DNS (Domain Name Service) record values in the Manage Domains area of your platform, and then copy and paste the values into your DNS provider’s domain manager.

It is also necessary to insert a TXT record to maintain a high level of security and uniqueness for the subdomain.

After you’ve connected your domain, you can choose it in the campaign settings to brand and customize your URLs. For example, if you connect the subdomain "", you can add a URL to your landing page that looks something like this: "".

Note: The domain connection can take up to 48 hours, depending on your domain provider. 

Step-by-step custom domain connection

Step 1: Adding a subdomain

1. In Aryel's dashboard, go to "Brand."

2. Click on "Manage Domains."

3. Click on "Connect domain."

4. Type in your third-level domain.

Step 2: Domain Validation and Authentication via TXT Record

Before proceeding with connecting your domain, you may need to perform domain validation and authentication using a TXT record. This helps verify that you own the domain. 

Add a TXT Record:

   - In your DNS provider's domain manager, create a new TXT record.

   - Use "txt.aryel." as the "TXT subdomain".

   - In the "TXT" field, set the value to a specific authentication code provided.

NOTE the authentication code updates every time you refresh the Aryel page, so you should register the TXT record in real-time without closing or refreshing the page!

Step 3: Linking a Brand Kit

When connecting your custom domain, you need also to associate it with a specific Brand Kit, which allows you to maintain a consistent brand identity across your Aryel campaigns. 

Use the dropdown list to select the brand kit that you would like to use for this domain. This ensures that your WebAR campaigns align with your brand's style and guidelines.

Troubleshoot failed connections

If the domain connection fails, here are a few things to check:

- Was the domain or subdomain entered correctly? 

Ensure that your subdomain is entered accurately in your domain provider's account. Depending on your domain provider, you may not be required to enter the entire subdomain. For example, instead of "," you may only need to enter "springsale" in the subdomain field.

- Do the CNAME or A records match? 

Verify that the CNAME records and/or the A Name records provided by Aryel match the records in your domain provider account. 

- Has the CNAME been configured correctly?

You can verify the CNAME configuration by using this link: CNAME Verification Tool. If the CNAME is listed, it means that the configuration was successful.

- Is the domain expired? 

Check with your domain provider to make sure your domain name has not expired.

Create DNS records with common providers

Here are the links to the help center articles for creating DNS records with popular domain providers.

If your domain provider isn't listed here, please go to your provider's site and search their help documents, or contact their customer support team for assistance with creating or updating your records.





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