How to Manage Interactions

A Deep Dive into Interaction Management

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Interactions are one of the most crucial parts of your experiences; for this reason, we've improved their management! Let's dive in and see how.

Main Actions

Within the interactions panel, there are three primary commands.

Add Interaction

The "Add Interaction" command is fixed at the top of the panel and doesn't scroll with the list of interactions. This means it's always accessible, regardless of where you are in the list.


This action will delete the selected interaction.


This new command allows you to duplicate the desired interaction, creating an exact replica. The new interaction will appear right after the original and will have the same name followed by the word “copy.”

Reordering Interactions

It's now possible to decide the order of interactions. This feature is essential to ensure the system reads them in the correct sequence.

By default, the platform determines the order of interactions by reading them from top to bottom. Hence, the first interaction on the list will have higher priority than the one at the bottom.

Here's how:

  1. Drag Indicator - When you hover over an interaction, you'll see an indicator. This shows that the interaction can be dragged.

  2. Drag to Reorder - You can drag an interaction to place it wherever you prefer on the list. You can do this whether the interaction is closed or open.

Not clear why is it so crucial to determine the order of interactions? Let's look at a practical example.

Suppose you wanted a button click to play an audio effect followed by opening a web page. The order of interactions is pivotal.

If you place the interaction that opens the web page first, you might not hear the audio since the page will change before the audio plays.

By reversing the order, the audio effect will play first, allowing you to hear the sound effect and then see the new page open.

We hope this guide helps you make the most out of the interaction management features!

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