How to Enable Desktop Usage for Face-Controlled Experiences

This Feature Allows Users to Interact with Your Campaigns not just on Their Mobile Devices but also on Desktop Computers Equipped with Front Cameras.

Written by AryelLast update 1 month ago

Enabling desktop usage for experiences controlled by face opens up a whole new dimension of engagement for your AR campaigns. Here's a step-by-step guide to do it seamlessly.

  1. Accessing Settings:

    • Navigate to the settings page of your AR campaign.

    • Look for the ‘Multi-device experience’ section, specifically designed to make your AR campaigns visible on both mobile and desktop.

  2. Enabling Desktop Usage:

    • Simply toggle the option to activate desktop compatibility for your face-triggered campaigns.

Before sharing the link with your audience, you can test the experience from your computer whether it's in draft or published status.

  1. Draft Campaign:

    • If your campaign is still in draft status:

      • Navigate to the preview modal of your campaign.

      • Click on the ‘Open Demo’ call-to-action (CTA) to initiate the desktop experience.

      • Your campaign will now open up on the desktop for testing and preview purposes.

  2. Published Campaign:

    • Once your campaign is published:

      • Click on 'Get link' button.

      • Copy the campaign link from the modal panel and paste it into a new blank page on your desktop browser.

      • Upon pasting, the launch screen will appear and you can use your experience on desktop.

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