How to Create the Perfect Frame Filters for Your Webar Campaigns?

Enhance Your Campaigns with Custom Frames

Written by AryelLast update 4 months ago

We have an amazing feature available on Aryel: frames. You can use them in Aryel to fully customize campaigns and make them even more cool and memorable.

Frames on Aryel

Follow the instructions contained in this quick guide to correctly prepare your frame images!

👉 Tools: Before starting, make sure you have an image editor tool that allows you to export images with transparent background like Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop but you can also use online tools like Canva if you don't have image editing skills.

👉 Workspace dimensions: Create your frame keeping in mind that the aspect ratio of the entire available space is 1:2 (width will be half the size of the height).

👉 Design frame: Split your artboard into different parts and use each of them to design your frame corners. Each corner will have a 1:2 ratio for width/height (width will be half the size of the height).

👉 Cut and export: Cut your design into several images and export them as .png with transparent background. Best practice name convention: name_position.png

👉 Upload to Aryel: Now that you have your images, the only thing left to do is to upload them to your campaign. For each position where you want to place the frame, click on the ‘+’ icon and upload the images in the right place.

Example – upload frame images:

Add image to frame

Example – delete/replace frame images:

Replace frame image

Additional items:

Use the four remaining spaces to add your logo or any other decorative item you like.

Quick tips:

If your frame is a continuous image, like the one in the example below, you won't need to split it in pieces. Simply create it as a single image and attach it to the middle top point.

Similarly, if you want to have two banners on the opposite sides of your screen, upload them in the middle point of the relevant sides. See an example below.

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