How to Arrange Assets Equidistantly in a 360 Campaign

How to Use the Asset Distribution Function

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In your Aryel Immersive 360 campaigns, positioning assets equidistantly around the user can significantly enhance the experience by providing a more organized and aesthetically pleasing layout.

When you're working with any assets, the asset distribution function makes it easy to arrange these elements uniformly around the user within a scene.

This guide will walk you through the process of using this powerful feature to its potential.

The asset distribution function is specifically designed for Immersive 360 campaigns and is applicable to any visible asset that you can drag in the canvas, including:

·       3D

·       Video

·       Image

·       Text

Managing Asset Distribution Settings

To manage asset distribution settings, open your campaign in the builder and navigate to the right-side panel. Within the scene settings you will find the dedicated section just before the ‘Environment light’ settings.

Through the asset distribution settings, you can customize number of nodes and distance from user to achieve your desired layout. The distribution of assets can be visualized on the canvas by switching the relevant toggle to ‘Show’, enabling the visualization of all node links.

The next step is using the nodes drop-down list to link assets. Be aware only one asset can be linked to each node. Once an asset is linked, it will no longer appear in the next node list, ensuring no duplication.

From now on the positions of linked assets cannot be changed by settings or the canvas. To modify them, the only action you can do is disabling the connection by clicking on the ‘unlink’ icon of asset control bar or click on 'Select asset' from the node drop-down list in the right side panel.

Besides the position, if you are unable to change the rotation of a linked asset, please check the "look at user" function. When this function is active in 360 campaigns, the asset consistently faces the user. To adjust the rotation of the linked asset, you must disable the default "look at user" function, either in the control widget or properties settings. Regarding other assets properties, you can change the linked assets scale using the control widget or properties scale settings on the right side panel.
Another action that is restricted while the link between assets and nodes is active is the multi-selection of relevant assets.

Distribution Polygonal Line Benefits

The distribution polygonal line is a helpful visual guide that displays the nodes and their connections. This line assists you in understanding how your settings adjustments impact the overall placement of objects in the scene.

By following these steps and utilizing the asset distribution function, you can create an immersive and well-organized 360 campaign that enhances your experience through precise and equidistant asset positioning.

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