How Many and Which “Result of Interaction” Options Are Available for Aryel’s Campaigns?

A Comprehensive Guide on “Result of Interaction”

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In Aryel's Augmented Reality campaigns, "Result of Interaction'' serves as the beating heart of the experience. Here's how they work and how they can be used to transform your campaigns into engaging and immersive experiences.

  • Next scene: This interaction result allows you to transition to the next scene in the AR experience. It's useful for guiding users through a sequence of interactive content.

  • Previous scene: In contrast, this result takes users back to the previous scene. It's handy for enabling bi-directional navigation within the experience.

  • Go to scene: This lets you navigate directly to a specific scene within the campaign. It's particularly useful for creating direct links between different scenes in the experience.

  • Play video: With this result, you can initiate the playback of a video within the scene.

  • Pause video: This result allows you to pause the playback of a video.

  • Stop video: You can use this option to halt the playback of a video.

  • Toggle video playback: This result toggles video playback, allowing users to start or stop video content as desired.

  • Start animation: Activate the animation of a 3D asset.

  • Stop animation: Cease an ongoing animation of a 3D asset.

  • Toggle animation: This option toggles between starting and stopping an animation, allowing users to activate and deactivate animations.

  • Play audio: Commence the playback of an audio asset.

  • Pause audio: Pause an audio asset's playback.

  • Stop audio: Terminate the audio playback.

  • Toggle audio playback: This result toggles the audio playback, enabling users to turn audio on or off.

  • Go to link: With this result, you can direct users to a website or online resource related to the AR experience.

  • Set variable: This result allows you to replace the current value of a variable in the campaign with a new value.

  • Edit variable: It enables the modification of existing variables within the AR experience using operators.

  • Reset variable: Restore a specific variable to its default values.

  • Reset all variables: Reset all variables in the experience to their default values.

  • Hide: You can use this option to hide any of the visible assets in scene.

  • Show: With this result you can show previously hidden assets.

By harnessing these "Result of Interaction," you can create highly interactive and customized AR experiences, guiding users through captivating stories, providing dynamic multimedia content, and even allowing them to take control of variables within the experience. Your creativity is the only limit in shaping the perfect AR world for your audience.

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