How Does the ‘Variable Change’ Starting Event Work?

Learn How to Control the ‘Variable Change’ Starting Event

Written by AryelLast update 3 days ago

The ‘Variable Change’ starting event allows you to trigger a new action whenever a variable used within your campaign is changed. This includes any interactions that edit, set, reset, or reset all variables. This feature applies to all trigger-type campaigns, except for 'surface'.

Interaction Settings

You can manage this starting event from the right-side panel within the builder. It is listed among the available starting events.

  • Selecting the Starting Event: When you select the 'Variable Change' starting event, a new field with a dropdown menu will appear. This dropdown allows you to select the relevant variable.

  • Assigning the Result of Interaction: Choose the interaction result you want to assign to this event. Test it within your experience to ensure it works as expected.

From this point on, any change made to the defined variable within the experience (e.g. set/edit/reset variable) will trigger the assigned interaction result.

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