How Can I Enable Users to Take a Screenshot of Their AR Experience?

How to Enable Screenshots

Written by AryelLast update 1 month ago

End users can always use the native Operating System (Android/iOS) shortcuts to take a screenshot & share it with their friends, family & colleagues using the application (WhatsApp, Email, MMS, etc) of their choice. However, it will be even more convenient to take & share screenshots within the AR experience.

In order to achieve this, You have to enable the option to take screenshots within the experience while setting up the campaign. From the Editor, click on Settings (gear icon at the bottom left of your screen) and in the Actions section, select the Screenshot checkbox.

When this option is enabled, a screenshot button is visible in the experience. By clicking on it, users will see a small preview of the picture taken with 3 buttons included:

ā€¢ Close

ā€¢ Share

ā€¢ Download

Here is a sample Screenshot:

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