Creating Interconnected Campaigns with Different Triggers 

A Guide on How to Connect Various Scenes with Different Triggers

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A unique feature of Aryel is the ability to link different AR experiences through customizable triggers, creating smooth and dynamic pathways.

Connecting AR Experiences with Different Triggers

Within these scenes, it's possible to insert interactive elements. A key example is the use of the "Go to link" interaction.

When a user interacts with a specific element using this function, they are automatically redirected to a related link. This link can then lead the user to another AR experience, creating a bridge between different campaigns with different triggers.

Practical Example: From Interactive Print to Immersive 360

Imagine starting with an "Interactive Print" experience. In this context, users can scan an image which, through AR, comes to life and becomes interactive on their device's screen. Within this scene, a button with a label “View in Immersive 360” can be inserted, which, once activated, uses "Go to link" to transport the user to a new AR experience.

The next step is then an "Immersive 360" experience. Here, users find themselves in a 360-degree environment, completely immersed in a new virtual scene. As in the first experience, a trigger can also be inserted here to lead to a third experience.

The user could be directed to a "Product Visualization" or to any other type of Aryel experience.

As can be seen, this functionality has enormous potential, even more so if it is possible to disable the launcher from the Style Settings, making the transition from one type of experience to another even smoother.

It is possible to carry out this procedure only upon request. If interested, please write in the help center chat.

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