Can I Toggle Video or Audio Playback?

Effortless Control of Audio and Video Playback

Written by AryelLast update 6 months ago

With 'Toggle Video/Audio Playback,' you can play and pause audio and video files effortlessly, just like a classic media player.

This feature works with all trigger-type campaigns, except 'surface.' 

Interaction settings

You can use the Toggle Video / Audio Playback features by accessing them through the interactions from the right-hand panel.

- Toggle Video Playback: Easily accessible right after 'Stop Video' in the list of interaction results.

- Toggle Audio Playback: Similarly, 'Toggle Audio Playback' is available right after 'Stop Audio.'

Once you've made your selection, the target field appears, displaying a dropdown list of all your video or audio files from the scene. 

If you don't have the right audio or video asset in your scene the system will display a helpful message to keep you informed.

​​Once this interaction is added, it will be possible to pause or play the videos and audio using the same chosen trigger while browsing the AR experience.

Now you know how to make your campaigns even more interactive! Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your AR experiences!

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