Can I Replace the Texture of My Own 3D Models within Aryel?

Meet the 3 Conditions for 3D Model Upload

Written by AryelLast update 6 months ago

The quick answer is: Yes.

But, the uploaded 3D model has to meet these 3 conditions below:

ā€¢ 3D model should be a .gtlf file (not the .glb with embedded textures)

ā€¢ Textures should be separate images (in .png or .jpg or .jpeg format)

ā€¢ The file has to be uploaded in Aryel as a zipped folder containing .gltf and texture images

In Blender, you may achieve all this by selecting "gltf Separate" as an export setting.

When you upload this .zip file to Aryel and then click on the 3D asset you will find each of the textures separately as shown in the image below:

Now, you can click on the replace button to substitute some other texture with the help of Aryel.

In addition, you will find that our own ready-to-use assets will showcase fewer textures than those needed to describe the entire surface of the assets.

This is because we selected which textures are supposed to be edited.

In the instance of user-uploaded 3D models, all used textures will be available - make sure to replace the correct ones!

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