Best Practices for Video in Aryel

Optimizing Video Formats for Aryel

Written by AryelLast update 5 months ago

On the Aryel platform, you can easily upload videos to make your WebAR campaigns shine.

However, there are some best practices we recommend when it comes to choosing the format:

✅ Dos:

👉 Aryel supports both WebM and MP4, but we highly recommend MP4 for better performance. iOS has a few issues in processing the WebM properly.

👉 An MP4 video with H.264 Video Codec & AAC Audio Codec is supported by every major browser. Hence we strongly recommend the video to be in this format to get a seamless WebAR experience.

👉 Best resolution for videos is HD 1280 x 720 - they're good quality and a perfect size to provide a smooth experience even to older devices and weaker internet connections.

❌ Don'ts:

👉 Avoid full HD and 4K videos: they're usually pretty heavy, and they might slow down the whole experience on your users' side, above all with iOS users.

👉 Avoid uploading individual video files which are more than 20 MB

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