Best Practices for 3D Custom Models’ Conversion

Best Practices for Requesting Custom 3D Contents

Written by AryelLast update 5 months ago

Here are some best practices and guidelines for when you ask a custom 3D content from our content team. You need to provide a unique 3D model including only all visible elements; the internal parts of the model (engine, etc.) should be eliminated to reduce the weight of the file and allow easier conversion.


In order to create the materials of the 3D model we need all the textures, if available, or a series of reference images of the real object and a list of materials of which the object is composed.

Please notice:

  • File formats: Fbx and Obj are preferable but we also manage formats such as .stl and .stp. With the .stl and .stp formats, it takes longer conversion work and is not always possible.

  • File size (MB): There's no rule for file weight but we recommend no more than 20MB.

  • Vertex/Polygon count: Some models cannot be loaded because they have too many vertices/faces. 400k Polygons seems to be a good rule of thumb. We recommend no more than 200k for the best performance.

  • Particle Systems and fluid simulations are not converted into glb files.

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