What Is a Style Kit?

Master the Customization of Your Campaigns Aligning the Company’s Logo, Colors, and Copy

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A Style Kit is a combination of logos, colors, and other branding elements that you link to a specific custom domain to personalize your campaigns and keep them consistent with your brand.

First, access the Manage Brand Kits area of your platform and select the Brand Kit you want to associate the new Style Kit with.

If you don't have one, hit the Get a new brand kit to be put in touch with our sales team!

To create a new Style Kit, you'll first have to work on a Demo Style Kit: hit the Create new button to generate it, and add all the elements of your branding to it. Don't forget to rename it and link your custom domain to it!

When it's ready, it's time to convert it to active by clicking on the star icon at the top-right corner.
This action is irreversible, but don't worry: you'll always be able to edit it in the future!

Once the Style Kit is created, you can access the Style Menu of your campaigns through the palette icon at the bottom-left corner of your builder: there you will be able to select the Style Kit you want to use for that specific campaign!

You can also edit the Style Kit from there, but remember: every change will be automatically applied to all the campaigns using that same Style Kit!

Modifying Style Elements Within Individual Campaigns

It is important to know that within individual campaigns, it is possible to modify some style elements, namely the Launcher and the Loader, by clicking on the style icon. 

Within the style settings, it is possible to modify various elements present in the style kit.

Any changes made in the Style Settings section will modify the Style Kit for all campaigns using the same style kit with the only exception of the settings marked with the green sticker (icon below) that will only modify the current campaign.

In the Launcher & Loader section, it will be possible to hide the Launcher only for the current campaign.

In the Launcher button section instead, it will be possible to modify the text of the Launcher button.

Finally, exclusively in Packaging and Interactive Print campaigns, it is possible to remove the trigger preview in the Browser & Experience section in the Experience sub-section.

That's it! Now you know how to modify the elements of your Style Kit and your campaigns to create increasingly engaging experiences!

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