On Which Devices Can I Run Aryel?

Devices That Are Compatible with Aryel

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To create a WebAR campaign, you have to access the platform on your computer. However, campaigns created with Aryel work on nearly 3.5 billion smartphones across recent Android and iOS devices with an internet connection.

Aryel requires both a device with the required capabilities (and those capabilities turned on) and a current (or recent) version of either Chrome (on Android and computers) or Safari on iOS devices. Note as of iOS14, the Chrome app also supports WebAR on iOS devices.

Below, you will find the technical specifications and guidelines related to the devices and browsers required for Aryel experiences to function correctly:

Operating System:

  • iOS 13.0+

  • Android 9.0+


  • Safari

  • Chrome

  • Native app/system browsers are NOT compatible, and other common browsers may have some bugs, so we consider them out of scope.

Additional components (pre-enabled on all recent models) for Android:

  • Gyroscope (for 360-degree viewing)

  • Google Play Services for AR app (for surface-based viewing)

👉 Here you can find a helpful list of supported devices for WebAR (ARKit and ARCore)

Aryel WebAR experiences aren't supported on Internet Explorer yet as IE doesn't support the required web standards.

In addition, iPhones and iPads running less than iOS 12 (e.g. iOS10) don't support the web browser accessing the device camera stream to support true AR.

You can check on the links below whether your device is compatible, depending on your operating system:

iOS ---> https://www.apple.com/it/augmented-reality/

Android ---> https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices#google_play_devices\

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