How Can I Change Account Access?

Managing User Access Levels

Written by AryelLast update 5 months ago

An Admin can change a user’s level of access from the Users page in their account.

  • Click your profile name and choose Users from the secondary menu.

  • Click Edit for the user whose levels you want to edit.

  • Choose the level of access you’d like to grant this user, and click Save.

Remove account access

Flight Director and First Officer can revoke access to users at any time, while Flight Engineer, Spacewalkers, and Astronauts can only revoke their own access.

When a user’s access is revoked from an account, any API keys they created in the account are removed. If they have access to the account through either Aryel for iOS or Android, they are logged out of the app’s account.

Revoke access (Flight Director or First Officer)

Anyone with First Officer permissions can delete any other user’s access. If a First Officer wants to revoke their own access, a different account First Officer or the Flight Director will need to revoke access.

  • Click your profile name and choose Users from the secondary menu.

  • Click the Revoke Access button for the user you want to remove.

  • In the pop-up modal, click "Yes, delete user"

Revoke your own access

When you leave an account, your profile is completely deleted, and you can no longer access the account. If this is the only account you have access to, your username and password will stop working on the login page. To permanently revoke your own access, follow these steps.

  • Click your profile name and choose Profile from the secondary menu.

  • In the Connections section, find the account you want to leave and click Leave Account

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