How Can I Reactivate an Archived Campaign?

Reviving Archived Campaigns During Account Transition

Written by AryelLast update 19 days ago

When transitioning from a paid to a free account status, all your published campaigns will be archived, as publishing campaigns is not available for free accounts.

If you need to reactivate your campaigns, you have two options:


1. Duplicate the Archived Campaign:

Within your account, navigate to the list of all your campaigns. Click on the settings button '...' of the specific campaign you want to reactivate, then select the option to duplicate it. This action will create a copy in the draft section, which you can then publish again. Keep in mind that this is regarded as a new campaign, and all associated data will be included in a new report.

2. Contact Aryel Support:

If you require assistance, you can reach out to or use the platform's chat feature to contact our support team. Please specify the names of the campaigns you wish to reactivate. We will ensure that your campaign is made available in 'published' status, and the reference report will remain the same as previously used.

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