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How to Request a Custom Media Content

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In case you didn’t find the models you wish to use in our free library or have something specific in mind, please get in touch with us by following the steps below and our team will provide the needed support.

To request custom 3D content, please visit https://admin.aryel.io/ask-for-content.

Three main steps are necessary to help us proceed seamlessly:

  1. Photo Upload:

    • Upload one picture for each relevant view (i.e. top, bottom, front, back, left, and right side) - MAX 6 images

    • Avoid blurry and too dark/bright pictures where details might become unreadable

    • Each image file should not be more than 2MB

    • Technical drawings/blueprints are appreciated when available

  2. Description of the request:

    • Real measures of the object in centimeters or inches

    • Description of the materials the real object is made of

    • Any brand guidelines/visual references that can be of help

    • How many assets will be included in the scene?

  3. The expected delivery date for 3D model

    • We usually need at least 3 to 5 business days to complete one request

Sample Screenshot of the UI from the Aryel Platform:

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